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Tune your radios to 90.9FM KHDC in to listen to the broadcast over the airwaves in Salinas, CA, and 104.1FM in Hollister, CA.

Live streaming

Listen via this website, or stream wednesdaywreck.com/radio/ from your favorite audio player during live broadcast hours.

Digital Archives

Visit mixcloud.com/dj_kazzeo for decades worth of archives of the WednesdayWreck and ClubWreck radio shows.

About Us


The Wednesday Wreck is among the longest running active Hip Hop shows on the entire West Coast. Established in 1993 and running strong for over two decades, you can tune in weekly every Wednesday from 6-8pm. Broadcasting live from the KHDC Studios in Salinas, CA - take advantage to call in, or reach out online, to interact with the team and be a part of making history!


  • Realest radio on the Central Coast or anywhere else for that matter. Kazzeo and the Wednesday Wreck Crew have not only solidified themselves as a legendary bastion of Hip-Hop, they have set a course for its future while being ever mindful of its past.


Know the team

DJ Kazzeo

The "flyest dj on the Central Coast". The "disgruntled B-Boy". "1 angry midget". I've been called all of these things over the years. Nonetheless, I fight for the greater good. Born & raised in the Santa Cruz, I started dj'ing at the end of 1984 after being inspired by legendary local DJ Bubba G. Scotch.

DJ Jason D

After ending an 11 year run at KZSC Santa Cruz, DJ Jason D joined the “Wednesday Wreck” in 2000 and has been the resident show dj ever since. In addition to that, you can also catch him live every Thursday night on www.radioboise.org hosting his own show “The Wreck”.


V-Dog has been listening to The Wednesday Wreck since the Spring of 1998. Tired of "hip-hop" commercial radio, V-Dog was immediately hooked on the underground hip-hop that played on the Wreck. He taped songs of the shows, occasionally called in for requests, and even tried to have brief discussions with Kazzeo or Jason D. V-Dog did some podcasting and honed his microphone skills to a level where he was ready to join the crew and become part of the Wednesday Wreck.

Jaysin Escobar

Jaysin Escobar has long been a producer, indie label owner, and artist here on the Central Coast. Initially a guest on show in the early 2000’s, Jaysin joined the show as a co-host in 2005.

Other Shows

Club Wreck with DJ Kazzeo.

Thursdays / 6pm-8pm West / 9pm-11pm East

“Club Wreck” made its official debut in late 1999. Blending both classic & current Freestyle music, the show also features occasional interviews with the makers of the music so many of us here in Central Cali grew up with. Requests & shouts can be submitted via the shows Twitter @kazzeo.

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Send us a message and let us know what you think about our shows. Feel free to make a request, send a shout out, schedule an interview or to just put us on blast.

161 Main Street, Suite 4
Salinas, CA 93901

Request line: +1 831 758 5432
E-mail: khdcHipHop@aol.com